Automated Updated Requests via a custom email

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics



I'm looking to automate sending an update request email to a group of 3rd party contributors via smartsheet. We want them to update their row in a sheet and we want to be able to click a box to trigger the update.


We've explored using smartsheet automation by itself, but since the emails regarding this come from automation[at]smartsheet, we're concerned that our emails may get caught in their spam filter. We've considered asking them to whitelist the email, but are still concerned these emails will be ignored for future updates in a way that our personal emails won't be. We also want to be able to provide them with instructions for entering their updates, as we recently(and may in the future) made changes to the format of our data but this isn't a strict requirement.


As an alternative solution I've also experimented with using Zapier to send the emails for update requests. This checks most of our boxes but I don't know a programmatic way to generate links to update requests. I've also tried a hack-y work around where I send an update request to a dummy email and use Zapier to compose an email consisting of instructions and a link. This felt close to perfect, but Smartsheet's grouping of update requests means that the emails sent would share data with all other contributors-- a big no-no for our project.


At this point I've tried every workaround and hack I can think of, so I figured I would reach out to the community to see if they had any ideas.