Sheet Summary Report - Want to edit fields within report

Sara_Cook Overachievers
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I created a Sheet Summary Report, and have found that the fields within the report are not editable, unlike a Row Report.  In a Row Report, I can click into the cell directly within the report and update it.  On my Sheet Summary Report, the cells in report are locked down and uneditable. 

Am I missing something in order to be able to do this?  Or should I submit an enhancement request for this functionality?  If it's not current functionality, is there reasoning behind why a Row Report will allow it but a Sheet Summary report will not?  I want to use a Sheet Summary Report as a Current User status report and it would save so much time to update overall project statuses from within the report instead of going to each individual report.

My Projects Status Report.png