COUNTIFS for how many blank cells in a column, but only if another column has a populated cell

Billy-Rock ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

For our smartsheet we keep track of vehicles that are or are not repaired. To keep track of how many "open claims" we have I am trying to count how many blank cells we have in the column that signifies if something is complete, but when I try to just count those cells it counts the automatic additional rows on the bottom of the sheet as well. So I need a formula that says to count blank cells, but only if another cell is populated. Here is the formula I have currently:

=COUNTIFS([Rep Completion Confirmation]:[Rep Completion Confirmation], "", VIN:VIN, 0)

When I do this I just get a count of 0. Here are the screenshots to help explain my situation better.

Smartsheet Question.PNG


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