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michael tomlinson
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I'm trying to figure out a way to apply my vlookup or index/match combo as a dynamic formula across my sheet.  I have a set cell that I can use as the beginning of my array of cells to reference but I want the formula to update the final cell based upon the row I'm at minus 1.  

There may be a much better way of handling this but I'm not finding it and would love feedback on more intelligent builds if anyone has an idea.

Formula in test is:

=VLOOKUP([Parent UID]3, [Parent UID]3:[Column3]@row-1, 2, false)

Screenshot provided.

Thanks a ton!





  • michael tomlinson

    If anyone else runs into this issue in the future.  I solved it by using an index/match using a static variable in the first portion of the formula and a non static variable in the second to allow for incrementing.


    =INDEX([Primary Column]$1:[Primary Column]4, MATCH([Parent UID]@row, [Parent UID]$1:[Parent UID]4))

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