COLLECT Formula for Contacts

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Hi there! 

I am trying to set up alerts for a smartsheet document to notify any contact that does not have a specific row updated. I have two columns that I'm currently referencing in the sheet, and I'm hoping that I can have a cell return any and all contacts in a column selection that does not have that box check. 

The image I have attached is an example, so I am collecting from an index of the contact range, and then using the criteria of whether their checkbox matches an unchecked box, with the hope that this would return both Jon Hanna and Grant Hildebrandt in the cell with the formula. That way we would know who has not completed all of their rows and can alert them to complete their cells by a specified time. 

I have the column set to allow multiple contacts in a cell. Does anybody know if a formula can be made to return multiple contacts in a cell? I've tried using a SUM command, but that converts the contact to text and loses the information. 




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