IF statement works independently but not when combined together in one statement

jnevills66866 ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I have been trying to combine several IF statements into one statement but with out any luck. The If statements work independently but not once I combine them together. The goal is when a date is enter to one of the 3 columns, it will populate from a drop down in another column. 

If the "Sent Back-Out of Area" column has a date entered, it will add "Out of Area" to the "Sent Back" column . =IF([Sent Back-Out of Area]2 <> "", "Out of Area", "")

If the "Sent Back-4th Attempt" column has a date entered, it will add "4th Attempt" to the "Sent Back" column. =IF([Sent Back-4th attempt]19 <> "", "4th Attempt", "")

If the "Sent Back-Issue" column has a date entered, it will add "Issue" to the "Sent Back" column. =IF([Sent Back-Issue]18 <> "", "Issue", "")

Here is what I have once I put everything together: 

=IF([Sent Back-Out of Area]@row <> "", "Out of Area", "",IF([Sent Back-4th attempt]@row <> "", "4th Attempt", "",([Sent Back-Issue]@row <> "", "Issue", "") but it is says UNPARSEABLE.

I have also tried this: =IF(ISDATE([Sent Back-Out of Area]1)), "Out of Area", "", IF(ISDATE([Sent Back-4th attempt]1)), "4th Attempt", "", IF(ISDATE([Sent Back-Issue]1)), "Issue", "") but again it is says UNPARSEABLE. 

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?