Trying to use COUNTIFS and keep getting UNPARSEABLE error

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions


I've entered this statement:

=COUNTIFS(PMO Project RAG Status Range 5, <DATE(2019, 12, 31), (PMO Project RAG Status Range, "Corporate Support - Corporate Finance")

What I'm trying to do is count the number of projects with the designation of Corporate Support - Corporate Finance that will be delivered in 2019.

The Range 5 sheet reference is for the list of dates.  I've successfully used the following statements correctly individually.  Can anyone see any obvious errors?

=COUNTIF({PMO Project RAG Status Range}, "Corporate Support - Corporate Finance")

=COUNTIF({PMO Project RAG Status Range 5}, <DATE(2019, 12, 31))


Thanks for your help!




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