Help with a formula (match? index? vlookup? if/then?)

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I am looking for help in building a formula for a sheet. I create semester reports on a sub-group of persons that we track in a master database. Because this database is extensive (multiple years) but my reports are created from scratch a few times a year, the easiest way to create mine is to pull the IDs of the individuals I need to report on and then fill in the new data for my report. However, there is static data that I would like to use formulas to auto-populate. 

Essentially I would like to enter a list of IDs, and then the formula in each column searches the database for a matching ID and, if it finds a match, returns the corresponding cell data from the same row, different column. I have attached a screen shot.


We have 6 individuals, 3 of which I am reporting on. So, for ID 123, the formula in phone would search Sheet 2 (the database) for ID 123, and if it finds, it, populate the phone number listed in the same row. 

I can easily manipulate a formula to align with the information I need from each column, but I cannot seem to get the base formula right. does anyone have suggestions?



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