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I have a task line 'Total Commission Percentage Earned to Rep'. As you can see, right now it says 10.03%. I need a formula that max's that percentage out at 10%. Sometimes the 10% will change to 8% ('Commission Percentage Allowed to Rep') and that will need to max out at 8% as well (the other 2% would go to 'Commission Percentage Allowed to T/O Tech')...... =SUMIF()??? (by the way, the column with the percentages is 'Price'). Right now my formula is =SUM(Price46-Price45), but tha does not enable me to max out at 10% or 8%.  If the 8%/10% thing is too complicated, I would appreciate help just on the 10% max formula. Thanks for the help.






  • Jason Rowe


    Try something like this

    =IF(SUM([Price46-Price45) > 0.1, 0.1, IF(SUM(Price46-Price45) < 0.1, SUM(Price46-Price45)))

    I think this might work. (Sorry if it doesn't) And for eight percent just substitute all of the 0.1 with 0.08.

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