Connect MS Power Query to Smartsheet?

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Can anyone explain how to connect Smartsheet reports to MS Power Query? I have tried creating API Tokens to connect some of my reporting, but I’ve been unsuccessful. I can “halfway” Access the Smartsheet via Power Query, but I’ve not been able to figure out how to access my content through Smartsheet and manage the data. 


I’ve been using MS Power BI with Smartsheet for data modeling and visualization, which is very useful, but I’m also looking for a away to create some flat data through Smartsheet and refresh on an interval for share point reporting. 


I’ve not yet figured out how to share a Power BI file “pbix.” with Smartsheet source data (my data model) that can provides team members within my organization the ability to refresh and pull real-time data in the file. The Smartsheet data model in the pbix file I created does not allow them to refresh the source data, so my goal is to attempt this though Power Query.







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    HI, so we have created Power BI reports using Smartsheet data and then shared those reports via Power BI with other employees, it sounds like you are not having success with that, is everyone a Power BI user and shared to the Smartsheet data too?

    Have you looked also at the Data Connector too?


  • JDupes

    Hi Dan - Correct, I’ve not had success yet sharing PBI reports with Smartsheet’s source data, despite others being collaborators in Smartsheet or having a PBI license. 


    I don’t think data connector is an option on our plan. 


    Not sure what the next step is. Appreciate any added input you could share.