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Nested Formula

Popy Aziz
Popy Aziz
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

How can I implement an IF/AND/OR formula to calculate the desired output? 


For example: if an item type=ROM Estimate AND accuracy>50% OR <-30% then YES, NO. OR if item type=Budget Estimate AND accuracy>30% or <15% then YES, NO OR item type=Definitive estimate AND accuracy >15% OR <-5% then YES, NO


Any help would be appreciated!



  • Matt Hines
    edited 10/28/16

    You pretty much want to set it up just as described with a little bit of a mod. I think this would work:


    =IF(AND([Type]1="ROM Estimate",OR([Accuracy]1 > .5,[Accuracy]1 < -.3)), "YES", IF(AND([Type]1 = "Budget Estimate", OR([Accuracy]1 > .3, [Accuracy]1 < .15)), "YES", IF(AND([Type]1 = "Definitive estimate",OR([Accuracy]1 > .15,[Accuracy]1 < -.05)), "YES", "NO")))


    I think I got all the commas and parens in the right places.

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