Formula / Function to copy cells from one sheet to another

Jack C
Jack C
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Does Smartsheets have a function or formula that will copy a cell from one sheet to another without the manual copy/paste process? 


For example, I have a sheet (CDA 1) that will be used to scan a barcode into a cell (Column2 - Row1). I have a second sheet (CDA 2) that I want to auto-populate what was scanned into the cell on the first sheet (CDA 1) to the second sheet (CDA 2) on a cell (Column8 - Row 1).


Doing this in a single sheet, I would just use the "=" in the cell I'm looking to populate and then select the cell I want to copy and it would auto-populate the 1st cell I used the "=" in. However, I cannot find how to do it between 2 sheets. 


Thanks in advance!



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