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Creating a formula to show a mixture of RYB balls and text


Does anyone know if it is possible to combine text and RYB symbols in one cell.  For instance, I am creating a written key to another spreadsheet and want to show "[Red ball symbol] = "Not Started", [Yellow ball symbol] = "In Progress" etc.




  • KrisWalsh
    KrisWalsh ✭✭✭✭✭

    There is no way to do this with the official "Smartsheet Symbols".



    1. You have 2 columns in your sheet. Status (Dropdown): Not Started, In Progress, Complete RYG (Symbol): Red Ball, Yellow Ball, Green Ball

    2. Everyone is an Admin OR you don't lock either of the columns

    3. To indicate Status, some team members want to use the RYG balls & others want to use the words in the Dropdown list.


    Option 1: You could use Text Symbols in a Dropdown Column with Conditional formatting. Unicode Text Example Sheet


    Dropdown List:

    ⬤ - Not Started

    ⬤ - In Progress

    ⬤ - Complete

    More info on Unicode Text Symbols are in this post:

    Unicode Text Symbols are extremely useful


    Here is the method we use on my team: Other Method Example

    1. The decision was made to only change the Dropdown List values 

    2. Status is automated using conditional formatting & a formula in the colored ball column.


    Good Luck!


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