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Jim Hook
Jim Hook ✭✭✭✭✭✭

I have a couple of Smartsheets where just a few incoming links that have been working just fine for years will no longer update when the source cell gets new information. I've been forced to update some of the malfunctioning links manually several times but the problem persists when new data appears in the source sheet. Is anyone else having this problem? Smartsheet support says that there have been no recent changes to the linking software and they reinitialized my Smartsheets (not sure what that means but it has fixed problems before though not this time). Over several years using my Smartsheet application I've coded in many error checking features to make it easier to troubleshoot data entry errors but recently all the errors have been due to this linking problem. My application is fairly complex with 64 active Smartsheets and probably more than 100K links.

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  • Bhanu Prakash
    Bhanu Prakash Employee
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    Hi All,

    Thanks for reporting this issue. We recently introduced a regression that caused outbound links to not propagate value to destination sheet when the source sheet was updated via API call. The issue was fixed yesterday evening - 12/16. Any new updates to your source sheet will now be updated to destination sheets.

    Separately, we will do an update to ensure all the impacted sheets are updated with the values from source sheets. This is work in progress and planned to be completed, by 12/20.

    We are sorry that you faced this issue and are taking action on our side to prevent similar occurrences in the future.


    Bhanu Prakash

    Product Manager, Smartsheet