Status dropdown Vs % Complete calculation

Hi all, I'm hoping you can help me with a thorny problem.

I have a 'Status' column, which is a dropdown which contains 'Not Started'/ 'In Progress'/ 'Completed'. I was also using the '% Completed' column with dependencies to rollup the child rows and give a percentage total in the parent rows.

My users asked if '% Complete' could be automatically updated to '100%' if 'Complete' was selected in the 'Status' column, which I enabled by using this formula in '% Complete'

=IF(Status6 = "Complete", 1, 0)

All was going fine, until I realised that by doing this, I had disabled the parent row rollup feature. My parent rows are now all stuck at 0%. If I use 'Sum Children' then it just adds up all the 100%s in the child rows and displays a total of '800%'.

I think I need to reinstate system column of '% Complete', but then that would mean we're back to updating both 'Status' and then '100%' on every row. Can anyone help me with any bright ideas?

Many thanks, Lisa

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