Transfer Licensed User to New Account



So I am looking to transfer my licensed user and sheets to a new account that is currently not licensed. The problem is I am already using my 3 licenses and it wont let me just do a direct swap.

The current solution seems to be to transfer all my sheets to one of the other 2 licensed accounts. Then remove myself and add the new account. My main issue with that is to then transfer all my sheets to this new account the only way to do that is one by one. And I have quite a few sheets.

Is there any way to just swap my license and sheets with this new account?


  • Dawn Morgan
    Dawn Morgan ✭✭✭
    edited 12/19/19

    We have that issue too so I purchased an extra "fluff" license so that I can add my new user first, then move the sheets to the new user, then delete the user/license that I don't need any longer. So we pay for a license we only need maybe once a year for 5 minutes! I'd love to hear if anyone else has other ideas.