Dashboard to display Jira issue information

I am looking to create a dashboard that will display Jira information in several different ways. I was hoping to use charts, put it appears charts are limited to numerical data. I am looking to show JIra information grouped by portfolio. The data I would like to show would be Jira Issue Key, Summary, Status, and assignee. I have a sheet that pulls this information into Smartsheet. I also have a report. The only way I have found to pull this information into the Dashboard is to add a "report widget". This will show me the full report. If I want to pick and choose the information I want to display, it appears I need to create a report for each variation of the data I want to display. This will result in multiple reports. it will also result in a very hard to read dashboard, as everything will be in the "report widget" format.

Does anyone have any examples of showing Jira data on a dashboard? Perhaps examples of charts and/or metrics grouped based on a specific column? An other option we would be interested in is view our Jira data in a card view, this does not seem to be an option on the sheet.

Any help would be appreciated

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