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Formula help

Christina C.
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have a request for time off form, when a request is submitted the person is notified that if they do not receive a response within 5 business days they can consider this approved, however I would like to create a formula that is based off the auto created date so if Approved column (where supervisor notes if it is approved or not) is blank and auto date created is greater than 5 business days flag as high priority.  Any idea how to get this done?



  • Matt Hines

    Could you share a screenshot of how you have it? It sounds like you could have a column for Flags with a formula similar to this:


    =if(TODAY() - [Created At]5 >= 5, 1, 0)


    This would subtract today from created at and if greater or equal to 5 then mark as Flagged (which "1" would do). Where [Created At]5 is the date of this row's creation.


    Does that make sense?

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