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I am working on a spend tracker and i am having trouble pulling currency conversions from other cells in the row.

I need the 'committed amount in USD' to pull from the correct currency conversion cell depending on the currency selected.

current formula i have that works with pulling from just one cell is -

=IF(Currency@row = "KRW", [KRW to USD]@row)

how can i add to this to make it pull from other cells if the currency is different?

I have been trying this and it isnt working-

=IF(Currency@row = "KRW", [KRW to USD]@row), IF(Currency@row = "GBP" , [GBP to USD]@row)

can anyone help?!


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  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    You are on the right track. It is just a minor syntax issue. When nesting IF functions, you leave the first one open and start the second in the "else" portion of the first. Then you start the third in the "else" portion of the second, so on and so forth. Then you close them all at the end.

    =IF(this is true, do this, IF(that is true, do that))

    =IF(Currency@row = "KRW", [KRW to USD]@row, IF(Currency@row = "GBP" , [GBP to USD]@row))


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