Workflow Email Notifications Stopped (App ok)


Workflow email (outlook) notifications have stopped in my sheets - first noticed this last week. The workflow designs haven't changed and are still working because the automation requests are still being received through the app. I'm pulling my hair out trying to diagnosis this issue, but without any luck. Maybe this is an issue within our organization? Any advice?

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  • Gee114
    Gee114 ✭✭

    I am having a similar issue. I have several workflows for sending notifications and requesting approval that worked fine yesterday, Aug 31, and today, Sep 1, none of the workflows work. NONE. I have checked my settings. I have checked the triggers, the conditions, the email addresses and I can not find the issue. I also noticed that some rows fields are automatically populating and locking, and I didn't create this workflow. I submitted a request for help to their support team as well. Did anyone find a solution?