Nested Formula for At Risk Flag

I've been trying to create a nested IF/AND function. I can get them to work individually, but the formulas are unparseable when I try to nest them. Below is an image of my sandbox where I am learning formulas. Here is what I am attempting to flag in the RISK column:

  • If FINAL DUE is today or in past, AND
  • If FINAL DUE is not blank, AND
  • If STATUS is not FULL, enable flag

Here are formulas that work on their own:

  • =IF([FINAL DUE]@row <= TODAY(1), 1)
  • =IF(ISBLANK([FINAL DUE]@row), 0)
  • =IF(NOT(STATUS@row = "FULL"), 1)

When I try to nest these in the RISK column using an IF/AND formula, the result is unparseable, I think because I'm unclear on where to put additional parenthesis or brackets. Help?

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