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Hi all

I know there have been a number of archived discussions around linking an entire column from one smartsheet to another, and that it can't be done. I know that there is a workaround by selecting a column and changing the cell background to white, and then linking the"blank" cells, and this works fine.

I have a sheet with a pulished Form for staff to fill out and register Health and Safety hazards. In this form I have an Auto-Number column that will populate a new value for each new form filled out.

However, if I use the cell background trick above, (ie select 50 cells in a column and change background to white, then link to another sheet), the next entry from the form is added to the sheet BELOW the white background cells!

Any thoughts on how I can get the cells in an Auto-number column to link to a different sheet, especially when the number of entries goes beyond the default 50 rows?



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  • Vance McMillan
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    Hi Andree

    Thanks for helping with this - I see that you've corrected the attempt I made to use your suggestion, and it's now working. That's fantastic, thank you so much!

    If anyone is curious, here is what Andre suggested:

    Because you're already using one Autonumber column for the Ref in the Source sheet, I'd suggest that we add an Autonumber column to the Target sheet (RowID) and start the number from 551 (or the number that makes the most sense). Then we'll remove the cell-links in the Ref column and add something like the below formula.


    The rows that match will show, and on the other rows, it will say #NO MATCH, or we can change it to something else.


    =INDEX({Source - Ref}; MATCH(RowID@row; {Source - Ref}; 0))