Feature request - unlink Task Bar colour from applying conditional formatting to whole row

Hi, I see from the page here 



'For rows that meet the condition, apply a color to the card border in Card View or the Gantt and Calendar bars in Gantt View or Calendar View. A color will be applied to a card, Gantt bar, or calendar bar only if you've applied the rule to the entire row.'

I'd like to suggest a change to this behaviour.

Already smartsheet provides the independent control when setting conditional formatting in Grid View to set the Task Bar colour. It seems to me this need not be linked to whether the formatting is applied to the entire row.

In other words, a user can already choose whether or not to set the task bar colour for any conditional format. Making this conditional on whether the format is applied to the whole row then takes away that control. This doesn't seem to make sense.

As a first step, please can the interface offer context help for this feature meanwhile? My experience has been I have set a task bar colour, applied my CF not to a whole row, switched to card view, seen that the CF I set is not being applied in card view, switched back to edit CF in grid view and now the task bar colour control is no longer displayed. This is confusing.

Regards, Andrew


  • AaronM
    AaronM ✭✭✭

    Agreed. I would prefer not to apply conditional formatting to an entire row. I do need conditional formatting to function for the left pane of the task bar only without impacting any formating while in the grid view.

    Please add as an enhancement request.