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Hello, thanks in advance for your help. I have two Google Calendars, one for work and one for personal. My Smartsheet account is owned by my work Google profile. I have one sheet for work/life task management that is shared with my personal Google profile. I would like to to publish this one sheet to my personal Google calendar only.

Is there a way to publish to a Google calendar that is not the Smartsheet owner (to my personal Gmail account) without having to set up a separate Smartsheet account for personal use?

Thanks! Brynn

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  • Thanks so much for the reply. I should have provided a bit more background. Actually, that was the link I reviewed prior to posting my question. I followed steps 1 through 4 (direct sync of my Smartsheet calendar with Google calendar) and it only syncs to my enterprise account. I could then share with my personal account from there or like you said "use the globe to generate a URL" and then add this to my personal Google account. I did this and I don't see that there would be any difference with a direct sync anyhow since in both cases you can't manipulate Smartsheet tasks from any Google calendar.

  • I have a similar problem - I accidentally clicked my personal gmail account (instead of my company gmail) to sync our smart sheet calendar - to overlay onto google calendar. Now I can't figure out how undo it to force Smartsheet to sync to my company gmail calendar instead of the personal calendar. Its like once you setup the default you can't undo it. Ugh-- so frustrated. I've tried revoking the sync access etc... as I assumed it would make me tell them again which calendar to sync to but it doesn't ask and only syncs to the personal gmail calendar and not the work gmail calendar.

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    Hi Tim,

    Are you able to share that new google calendar to your company gmail, so that both accounts have a view? If this isn't an option, I would suggest reaching out to Smartsheet Support for help.