Summary Rollup Sheet not working

Summary Rollup Sheet not working

We recently setup Control Center for creating project templates and rollup into dashboards and reports. Control Center is supposed to automatically add newly provisioned projects to a Summary Rollup sheet. It's been working fine since early November when we started using the new solution. However, today when I provisioned a project it didn't populate the Summary Rollup sheet with the new information.

What are the possible causes of this? The only recent changes was to add a new field to the "project intake" sheet which contains the master list of project for tracking and provisioning.


  • Hi @Jason Duryea,

     Are blank rows being added to the summary sheet with no cell links? If so, it's possible that the cell link limit has been reached. To test this, try manually adding a new inbound cell link to the sheet. If it fails then the cell link limit has been reached. You'll want to reach out to our Support team and they'll help you resolve this.

    Also, in regard to the new column that was created, you'll want to make sure it's not a system column or a column that's restricted to its values only (dropdown list, contact list, symbols column).

  • I'm not sure if it's adding blank rows to the Summary Rollup sheet. There are 10 blank rows at the bottom of this sheet, but as I can see tell only one project created through Control Center was not added to the sheet.

    In the Summary Rollup sheet we currently have 124 rows used and 42 columns with inbound cell links, so that likely could be the cause. The 5,000 limit seems extremely low considering what Smartsheet / Control Center is meant to do. Smartsheet Solutions Consultants helped design this solution and we were not warned that this would quickly hit the cell link limits.

  • @Jason Duryea The Summary sheet needs to be owned by the Primary Lead, because the cell link limit for Primary Leads is set to 100,000.

    I also just found out that we're currently experiencing an issue when provisioning new projects in Control Center.

    If you're getting this error: "Summary Reporting: can't insert data to reporting sheet '[sheet name]'. Error message: Value is not supported for this column type. Use objectValue instead.(1235)" and if cell values aren't populating in the blueprint summary sheet, then the behavior you're experiencing is a bug that's caused when using multi-select dropdown or multi-contact columns in your summary sheet.

    Our team is working on a solution to this issue, but I recommend reaching out to our Support team to troubleshoot further and confirm whether or not this is related.

  • @Alejandra Yes, I am the Primary Lead and I also own the workspace and all of the objects within the workspace, including the Summary Rollup sheet. I don't recall receiving that error message while provisioning the new project. I did setup a call with our Customer Success Manager later this morning.

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