Count Child Row for Multiple Weeks


I have an activity sheet set up by weeks. Meaning the same rows/sections are duplicated multiple times throughout the sheet. As the user fills in the names of their "Appointments" , what formula can I use to count that throughout the sheet?

Hope that makes sense. Maybe I just need to know how to capture child rows that are not blank?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @TSP ,

    If you create a new "Totals" column (Text/Number type), then you could create a formula that counts all the child rows under the parent row for "Appointments", like so:

    =COUNT((CHILDREN([Task Name]@row)))

    The COUNT function will already only count rows that are not blank.

    If you have multiple sections of Appointments in your sheet, and you have this formula next to each of those rows, you could then create a SUMIF formula in a Sheet Summary field to Sum all of these entries together, like so:

    =SUMIF([Task Name]:[Task Name], ="Appointments", Totals:Totals)

    Let me know if this would work for what you're looking to do!



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