Text change based on value of number

Hi All,

I was hoping to create a formula that changes the text of a cell based on the number in another cell. Here is what I'm trying to make the cell display at each value range:

  • Value is under or equal to 20 - Cell to display "N/A"
  • Value is between 21 & 30 - Cell to display "PB to Contact"
  • Value is between 31 & 40 - Cell to display "KB to Contact"

I can make the first part of the formula work with the following: =IF(COUNTIF([No. of Days]6, "<=20"), "N/A")

But, when adding the second part - =IF(COUNTIF([No. of Days]6, "<=20", "N/A", IF(COUNTIF([No. of Days]6, ">20", "PB to Contactl")). It just doesn't seem to work! I have been getting the 'Incorrect Argument" and "Unparseable" errors when playing around with it.

Thank you ever so much for your help!

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