How are my unlicensed editors hiding and unhiding columns, as shown in Activity Monitor?


My users have been asking me to unhide the same columns over and over all day.

I'm the owner/administrator. They are unlicensed editors.

I unhide "columns x y and z" and save. A moment later I see a notice "User 1" has made changes. Refresh to see those changes. I refresh. The columns I revealed are now hidden again. That user who made a change is an unlicensed editor who cannot share.

Repeat 20 times.

I check Activity Log:

There's a row for this unlicensed editor.

Columns hidden (3)

There's a row for me:

Columns unhidden (3)

This pattern repeats ...

Does anyone have an idea of what may be happening here?



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  • Cory Strischek
    Cory Strischek ✭✭✭✭
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    Thanks, I received a response from Smartsheet detailing how "Merge Save" works with multiple users editing a document at different permissions levels at the same time. If you're seeing similar behavior, I would search around for or check with Smartsheet on this topic.