Does Smartsheet have a way of showing hours spent working within the account?

I work at a manufacturing company & have implemented Smartsheet to be used within every department. Right now I am currently the only admin who creates and/or updates the sheets, reports & dashboards etc. We have over 300 active sheets. Needless to say, it has become a full time job all by itself.

Unfortunately, I also have other requirements: coordinating & setting up trade shows, maintaining Salesforce, our company website & sample pack inventory. In addition to coordinating customer holiday cards & gifts, presentations & sending letters & samples as req. They mentioned creating graphics & maintaining our social media daily as well but, I already feel like it's a lot on my plate.

The only thing I'm able to find is sheet activity, when changes are made at sheet level. Is there a way I can show management how much time I spend working on Smartsheet at an account level? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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