Update task status to complete if multiple column check boxes are checked

I'm hoping someone can help me. I keep getting an error when trying to configure a formula to update my status column when all column check boxes are checked.

I tried this:

=IF([SS]@row = 1, IF([BH]@row = 1, IF([CHC]@row= 1, IF([Musculo]@row = 1, IF([OPH]@row = 1, IF([WH]@row = 1 "Complete")))))

And this

=IF(([SS]@row=1) + IF([BH]@row=1) + IF([CHC]@row=1) + IF([Musculo]@row=1) + IF([OPH]@row=1) + IF([WH]@row=1) "Complete")

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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