IF(AND) Statement With List of Expressions



I'm a fairly new user to Smartsheet and trying to put together some formulas. I'm currently trying to implement a formula to summarize a column called Status if the rest of the cells in that column have a "Complete" entered in them. If there is at least one cell with anything other than "Complete", I want "Incomplete" to show in the top summarizing cell of that column. The formula I'm implementing is below:

=IF(AND(Status2:Status16 = "Complete"), "Complete", "Incomplete")

I get back a message of #INVALID OPERATION in the top summarising cell using this formula.

I see that in the Smartsheet help tab, it's suggested you list the inner AND expressions one after the other but I'd like to list them as one as they share a common desired entry ("Complete").

Any help would be appreciated!


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