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01/27/20 Edited 01/29/20
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hi! I am trying to build a means to automatically forecast vendor costs, based on a count.

I have a large sheet that contains an intersection of many Locations and the Scopes that will be applied to each location. I have different vendors servicing my various locations. I have created countifs formulas to count the number of Scopes per Vendor (and that is working well).

I have generated a scope summary report to output the results of the countifs.

I want to datamesh this report into a sheet so that I can multiply the counts by the vendor rates. I am able to select my summary report and I am able to select my target sheet. When I click the NEXT button after that, I receive an error message that says "Oops! something isn't running correctly. We'll have someone look at it asap."

Any ideas as to what could be wrong? Or other thoughts on how to complete my task at hand?



  • Hi @Jennifer.Stangret

    I would recommend reaching out to Smartsheet Support, if you haven't already.

  • Thanks, Genevieve, I have reached out and am waiting to hear back as well. Have a great day!

  • Where is the fix on this? IT'S MAY!!! Here we are 4 months later and you STILL cannot connect data mesh to a summary report. Smartsheet is still giving the same error. This is ridiculous and unprofessional!

  • Hi @josephw

    As you've found, we do not currently have the capability to use Summary Reports or Sheet Summary in Datamesh or in any of our Premium Apps; please submit a Product Enhancement Request when you have a minute!

    In the meantime, could the Community help you come up with an alternate solution? For example, would you be able to put the content from the Sheet Summary into a rollup sheet instead, to then use in your Data Mesh workflow?

  • Sheryl PSheryl P ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm just starting to use Pivot App, using DataMesh for a few months - I'm wondering if you can get the data into a "Helper Sheet" and then mesh from that sheet. There quite a few jumps from pivots to summary fields/reports to final destinations. Anyone have advise on managing/documenting the complexities? I am still in discovery mode, presenting results to stakeholders - I'm lucky if I can remember the connections/dependencies.

    Do you use a Summary Section in the Header of the Sheet? Separate sheet - any documentation tool that can assist?


  • Hi @Sheryl P

    It sounds like these questions may be best addressed over a screen share. As an Admin, I'm able to see that based on your account you have the ability to book Pro Desk sessions, which are 30 minute screen sharing sessions. There is a specific category of Extended Functionality which includes Premium Apps, such as Pivot: see here.

    Hope that helps!


  • Sheryl PSheryl P ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thank you will do

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