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email alerting + webforms

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hey All


Hopefully someone can help, i have an interesting requirement.

i am looking at using smartsheet as a means of recieving "errors" from clients and then actioning the investigation.


I would like to be able to create kanban lanes in card view ( easy ), i would then want to create a webform that would feed into each when they are filled in, so essentially the questions are:


1) is it posisble to create a webform and specify what column the card is created in upon submission ( rather than uncatogarised )

2) is it possible to build email alerting that will be sent to a recipient(s) when a new card is submitted





  • Andrew DeCounter
    edited 11/15/16

    Greetings Mike,


    1.) You should be able to set a Default Value (ex: "Backlog") for the Status of new webform submissions. You can hide the field to prevent clients from modifying the value. You will also want to remove "Assigned To", "Priority",  and other fields from the webform.


    2.) Set an Alert on the Sheet that you create the webform for to get updates as new cards/issues come in. For example "Send <me> an email <right away> when <Anything> changes."


    Good luck!

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