My formula works fine with no errors, but no value appears. What is the issue?


I am using another sheet for the lookup_table. The other sheets basically has the currencies and the rates of each currency. What I want to do in the sheet where the function is; basically once a row is added and the currency has been selected, I want it to generate the value of the currency from the other sheet. Therefore, once this formula works I want it to multiply it by the value of the PI. (Table below).

=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP([Currency (PI)]1, {currency rates Range 3}, {currency rates Range 4}, false)) = true, "", VLOOKUP([Currency (PI)]1, {currency rates Range 3}, {currency rates Range 4}, false))

This is the other sheet that I'm referencing from to get the rates.

As you can see from the first table.. it is linking fine without any errors but no value appears.

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