Update Request in a Workflow isn't waiting for the update to complete


I have a workflow where I want to request an update and then once the update is actioned to trigger an approval for someone else to review the update.

At the moment, both seem to be triggered at the same time - in testing I am sending both alerts to me and they come into my inbox at the same time. I want the workflow to wait until the update request has been completed before continuing to the next action.

The actual sequence is:

1) Request approval on row creation

2) If approved, trigger update request

3) Request a different approval

At the moment 2 and 3 happen simultaneously rather than 3) being triggered after the update request has been responded to.

Any ideas?

Best Answers

  • Allan Watkins
    Answer ✓

    OK thanks Andree. I've fixed it based on your advice. Now I think about it, I can understand how an update request is a request and doesn't include the response from the user, so Smartsheet considers that action complete as soon as the request is sent (rather than after it is responded to).

    I have set up a separate workflow for the second approval which is triggered by one of the fields I expect to be changed by the update request. Not perfect, but it should do the trick.