Linking Sharepoint to Smartsheet


Is there a way to link a cell from Sharepoint into a Smartsheet form? Currently my dept. keeps a lot of numbers in Sharepoint. When they update certain numbers, it would be easiest if it could automatically be linked into Smartsheet as well. Looking for a way to do this without having to recreate all documents into Smartsheet.


  • Nathan Lloyd

    Hi Kasey,

    There's no direct integration between Smartsheet and SharePoint at the moment, but you might be able to leverage something like MS Flow ( or Zapier ( to dynamically update your sheets when certain actions are carried out by your team.

    One other thing worth considering would be the Data Uploader add-on for Smartsheet ( Note that SharePoint isn't available as a data source at this time, but you may be able to simplify the process of updating your sheets with this add-on by either attaching the latest version of your file to a source Smartsheet, or by updating a file that resides in OneDrive or Google Drive.

    Hopefully one of those options are helpful!


    Nathan L.