Date field will not show any data

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I have a date field that will not accept any data. If I type anything into it, it disappears after 1/2 second.

The cell is supposed to get it's date from the predecessor column. This line should start the same time as the predecessor. Code in the predecessor column is "7SS" which should mean that THIS line starts the same time as line 7. Yes, dependencies are enabled.

Since it has no data in it, I tried to manually enter a date in it just to get the sheet going. When I enter a manual date, I get a pop-up message that says "Manually entering a date here will remove all predecessor relationships on this row". The date is in the field for 1/2 a second, then disappears.

This is only happening on one individual project sheet. We use 20 or 30 of these same sheets at a time. There is a master template & new sheets are created off the template. In theory they should all be the same. The error is only on one specific sheet, so it has to be something that got edited by us (me included).

I have checked the cell color, the text color, and other rows on the same sheet that use the same function.