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Is it possible to exclude the Title name of the Sheet from a workflow automated email alert? I have multiple sheets shared across with multiple different users. These users are only to enter their stats by the Report and not directly within the sheets. The goal is to automatically alert all users through email on a specific day of the week to remind them to use the report to enter in their weekly stats. Having the Title of the sheet in the alert email will confuse some users who aren't in that specific sheet that was use to send out the global alert. "Instructor-Eval Registration" is the title for the sheet. Any solutions is greatly appreciated.


  • AlejandraAlejandra Employee

    Hello @Frank Vue,

    It's not possible to remove the sheet name from an Alert at this time, but this would be a great opportunity to submit a Product Enhancement Request to let our Product team know that you'd like to have this functionality in Smartsheet. ​

    As an alternative solution, you may want to consider sending an Update Request instead, since Update Requests don't include the sheet name hyperlink and Update Requests allow users to update the sheet without leaving their inbox.

    If needed, more information on Update Requests can be found in our help article:

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