After join two smartsheets files into one the formatting disappears.

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I am using a join to get information from other smartsheet files; I activated the percentage icon and nothing happens and the other fields with regular numbers also lost the original format; if there is no directly solution, I was thinking if I can apply the TEXT formula from Excel, but I couldn't find the equivalent for smartsheet.

=TEXT( value , format text)

=TEXT( A3/100 , "#%" )

Can you please provide me this formula if exist and I can add it to my JOIN formula.

Have a Great Friday!!!

Neil R Sanchez.


  • Hi @NSanchez90676

    I'm not quite sure what you're looking to accomplish, as the percentage symbol would only work on numbers. You can use the VALUE function to ensure the result is numerical (click here for more information).

    Would it be possible to see a screen capture of the two different sheets (please block out any sensitive data), as well as the exact JOIN formula you are using?



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