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Counting Rows

Gina Ward
Gina Ward
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have a list of projects divided into sections.  Each section can have projects that have sub projects.  When I use this formula on a section header ="Current(" +COUNT(CHILDREN()) + ")" my result looks like this: Current (24).  However, the count does not include the sub tasks.  How can I write the formula so that it will include sub tasks as well?


  • Andrew DeCounter
    edited 11/16/16

    Greetings Gina,


    A couple of suggestions...


    1. Create another column that performs the following formula: =COUNT(ANCESTORS()) in each cell and hide it. Any result with Count(Ancestors()) > 0 is a child object in heirarchy. You could then write a COUNTIF formula, such as =COUNTIF([Column3]:[Column3],>1) to determine the number of child objects you might have.


    2. If you only want to count the Child tasks, and not the sub-headers for those sections, you may want to consider writting a couple of formulas in each sub-header/parent column: =COUNT(CHILDREN()) & from there running a SUM() on those cells.


    Hope this helps!

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