Please!How to add symbols with formulas in the dashboard


How to add symbols with formulas in the dashboard

Example: If more than ten days, a red flag is displayed

Show green flag if less than five days

If a yellow flag is displayed between five and ten days


  • Jayesh Nathani

    There are multiple ways around it, if you are looking at health for overall project, then I would suggest creating a "Summary Field" called Project Health or something... make that field "Symbol" type:

    and then just put in the formula =IF([Planned Date]5 > Today(), "Red", IF([Planned Date]5 < Today(), "Green")).

    Now go to Dashboard > Add Widget > Metric > Select your Sheet > Now select "Sheet Summary data" and select your Project Health Status field:

    The other way would be reports, you would need to add another column in your sheet, use the same column type (symbol) and add the same formula, just change the 5 with @row.

    Let me know if that's what you wanted.