Embed PDF files in dashboards?


Is there really no way to embed PDF files into SmartSheet dashboards? I can do this in SharePoint and Confluence so I figured it would probably be available in SmartSheet. If this is not possible, does anyone have a work around? I realize I can take a snapshot of the PDF and save it as an image and use the image Widget, but I need the PDF b/c it has hyperlinks. Thanks for any ideas out there.


  • Deena Duran
    Deena Duran ✭✭✭✭

    The ways I have worked around it are to upload the pdf to Google Drive and create a link widget (or image widget) in the dashboard. I am not positive that you would be able to access the hyperlinks; I would think so! I know our department has talked about getting Box or OneDrive for this reason, but we have not been able to yet. Hopefully one of these ideas can work temporarily until Smartsheet finds a way to do this more seamlessly!


  • C.Chroninger

    I wanted to make an "Announcement Dashboard" for my Work App, that included a PDF, not just a link to the PDF. Here's my work around PDF to Dashboard (Not tested with Hyperlinks but you can add a shortcut widget to those if needed):

    1.) Convert PDF to PNG

    2.) Create Grid and upload PNG to cell and expand to size of document

    3.) Create Report

    4.) Insert Report onto Dashboard

    5.) I titled the Column with date annoucement is posted

    This may not be the easiest way but my document/image is really clear. I was having issues with the image widget and my image becomming blurry when I went that route.

    Good luck to you!