How to apply the same 5 different criteria's in conditional formatting for multiple columns quicker



I have set up a smartsheet to measure the performance of staff.


0 = not evident

1= somewhat evident

2 = Evident

3= Above Expected

Once the performance of a staff is observed, the observer keys in either, 0, 1, 2 or 3 etc under the persons name. There are over 30 different criteria's to look at.

So Mary might be a 1 in criteria 1 (column 1) but a 3 in Criteria 2 (Column 2)

Andrew might be a 3 in Criteria 1 (column 2) but a 3 in Criteria 2 (Column 2).

Once a number is keyed in, I want the cells to turn 0 = Red, 1 = yellow, 2= Orange and 3 = Green (i don't want the row to turn, but the cell as each cell will have a different measurement).

I need it to be a number format so I can get the average score.

I know how to use the conditional formatting, but if i had to do 4 criterias for each column x 30+ columns it will take me a long time to do.

Can someone please help?



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