Dependencies deleted when changing beginning date

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Dependencies deleted when changing beginning date

edited 02/10/20 in Using Smartsheet

Hi there,

I'm using a sheet to handle project, with interdepencies & resource activated.

When a change the beginning date of a task in the future for ex, i'v got this message (in french sorry), that say : "the manual changind o beginning date will delete the predecessor relation". So i'm loosing the dependancies between task. Is there anyway to avoid this because i need to keep this link between task even if i change the date manually. Many thanks !


  • Hi @emmanuel edon,

    If you want to change the date of a dependant task when predecessors are enabled, without breaking the predecessor relationship, you'll need to change the date of the predecessor task. If needed, more information on dependencies and predecessors can be found in our help article:

    Also, please feel free to submit a Product Enhancement Request to let our Product team know that you'd like to have this functionality in Smartsheet. 

  • Hi,

    I am dealing with this problem as well. 

    Isnt there any other way to manually change the start day without breaking the dependencies? maybe with a premium app?

  • Hi there, many thanks for your answer, but yes it will be a great enhancement because most of project management tools work like that, the predecessor will be updated automatically according the change of the start or due date. Thanks.

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