Automation - Changing data on feeder sheet will update recipient sheet too?


Hi there,

I was trying out the automation function to link important dates from several project plans to one central location that will act as a calendar.

Automation is: If "Add to calendar" = checked, copy row to calendar sheet.

The premise works well, but in cases where the date changes on the primary sheet, this does not update the row that was fed to the calendar initially.

The workaround is to ask that when a row is updated that has been shared to the calendar, that the user saves the date, then unchecks and checks the "Add to calendar" box, and saves again. This adds a new row to the calendar sheet (again, not a massive issue just takes some managing), but if the person is using predecessors or dependencies, they may miss the date changing and forget to do the workaround.

Is there something i am missing on this, that maybe can update the rows downstream when updated on the feeder sheet?

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