Sys Admin Transfer Ownership


I am a licensed user on a business plan. One of the other employees in our company is on extended leave. I asked our sys admin to transfer ownership of her sheet to me. Currently it looks like there is only the option of doing a bulk transfer of all the employee's smartsheets instead of just the one i need.

How can I just be added to a single sheet and given admin level or higher access? Note - nobody accept the owner who is on leave has any rights higher than viewer on the sheet.


  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee

    Hi @Jon N,

    As you have found, System Administrators can only bulk transfer sheets, but this help center article here has steps you could follow to selectively transfer items in bulk. However, this would require the sheet to be located in a Workspace where the new intended owner is shared as an admin.

    At this time, only the sheet Owner, Admin, or users with Editor - Can share permissions can change other shared users' permissions, but you could consider having you System Admin perform a bulk transfer, and then follow the steps in the help center article above to "selectively" transfer the sheets back to the original owner.