IF AND formula with between dates

I'm trying to toggle and RYGG status field with a formula. The idea

If the contract send day is more then 14 days ago and the contract hasn't been executed I want the status to be RED. If the contract day is more than 7 days, less than 13, and the contract hasn't been executed the status should be YELLOW. Otherwise it should be Green.

Here is the formula I am working with, but it keeps telling me this is unparseable. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing?

=IF(AND([Send Date]1 - TODAY() < 14, [Contract Executed]1 = "false"), "Red", IF(AND([Send Date]1 - TODAY() < 7, [Send Date]1 - TODAY() > 13, [Contract Executed]1 = "false"), “Yellow”, ”Green"))

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