Looking for a more elegant way to send out multiple Update Requests at once.

Hey there!

I'm a release manager and I'm building out runbooks in Smartsheet. If tasks are set to "In Progress" I want to be able to take an action (Check a box, picking a specific selection from a dropdown, etc..) so that an automated request will be sent out to the "Responsible Party" asking them to update their task. Since so many people are going to be doing different things I'd like to be able to check in with everyone that is "in progress".

I've created a column called "check in" that has a checkbox in it. The workflow I've got set up is

Trigger: When rows are changed - When "Check-in" changes to "checked"

Conditions: Where Status is equal to "In Progress"/

Request an update: Send to people in a cell "Responsible Party".

The current functionality is that it will send out the update request only if the "check-in" box is checked in the same row that is set to "In Progress".

I'm looking for a one stop shop (one button to capture and send them all).




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