Match Volunteers to Meetings


I need a way to match a list of volunteers to meetings in their area.

Sheet A houses volunteer information, and the input is a Smartsheet form. Very basic, houses employee info and state (has multiple name columns because I added the "Name" column as a contact column while I was playing with formulas. Ultimately, it will have one name column)

Sheet A

Sheet B houses all the meeting information by state.

Sheet B

Each state has many meetings, so we are currently at approximately 1600 rows on sheet B. I would like a way to match the volunteer list to the meeting list. I am not attached to a way of doing this; for instance a dashboard or a report. I just need an easy way to match the volunteers so our volunteer coordinator can easily identify the pool. The trouble I've run into is that we have so many meetings, so my solutions aren't feasible.

I've tried INDEX(MATCH to list all the volunteers with a matching state in one cell (for instance, on sheet A, anyone with AL in the "Your State' column would show up on the AL line in sheet B. This would give me an easy way to see the pool of Alabama volunteers to pull from.

Any ideas??


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