Dynamic View-Logic Section not working for New Entries

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Due to forms not having conditional logic built in I figured I would try to use dynamic view logic and have people create their entries there rather than through a form. I am trying to say if you choose this value hide these fields which I have setup up in the logic section. Although, when I go to create a new entry via the dynamic view it doesn't work. I attached what my dynamic view looks like. If anyone knows if I am doing it wrong or maybe it doesn't work like I think it's supposed to that would be helpful. Lol. Thanks!

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  • Hello @Genevieve P

    I have been searching the community posts, help articles, and videos for what I can find about Dynamic View and Forms. I believe this post is the most relevant to my question.

    I am basically trying to create the same form and logic in Dynamic View that I have working in my standard form. I was hoping to provide the submitter with a more unified experience as indicated in all the marketing literature for Dynamic View. I have attached a file that shows the two forms and the logic I am attempting to apply to both.

    The basic form will reveal (un-hide) fields based on an entry while the form is being filled out, and the Dynamic View form seems to require that it be saved before this type of logic is applied. There also appears to me less logic options.

    "You could request that the user clicks "Save" after each entry... or perhaps pre-populate the fields to hide the selections and request that if they change it (say from "Amt" to "Qty"), that they hit "Save" before proceeding. The window stays open so it's easy to continue filling out the form after."

    I also don't understand the previous recommendation to Save as you go as the Save button does not activate for me until all the required fields have values. It also does not appear to provide the best user experience.

    If I understand correctly, the basic Smartsheet form logic functionality is more robust than the Dynamic View premium app. Please confirm that I haven't missed something.

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    Hi @Roman Rusinek

    Forms and Dynamic View have different priorities for their functionality: forms are best for an intake process and Dynamic View is best for collaboration after the data already exists.

    Since you have required fields in your logic, you're right, your users won't be able to save the Dynamic View panel until all the required fields are completed.

    In your instance, I would recommend keeping your form as the initial row submission so that you can leverage the different conditional logic options that appear live, as they type. Then in the submission confirmation message, provide a link to the Dynamic View.

    This will allow users to see their own submissions (without being shared to the underlying sheet) in case they need to update their row, make changes, or simply view their submissions. You can set up logic in the Dynamic View so that when they go to edit their row they can only update certain fields based on what's currently been input.

    If you go with this scenario, you may want to turn off the ability to add new rows from within Dynamic View so that all new submissions have to go through the initial intake form with your logic applied. Does that make sense?

    Let me know if you still have questions about this.